One of the hardest parts of running your own online marketing business is making real connections with your customers. Once you can build trust, you can develop a list of loyal customers who will buy from you again and again.

You can outsource your list building by hiring an inexpensive telemarketing service. You can also hire a virtual assistant on a freelance hiring website. You can find lots of skilled, talented people who are willing to do the grunt work of finding leads for you organically for very little money. The best part is you can set a budget for the job you want to be done and then let prospective contractors bid on the job.

Next, you can simply hire the person, give them the duties of the job, set a deadline and let them go to work. Usually, the freelance hiring site will take care of all the administrative tasks for you.

Buying Leads Safely through Solo Ad Vendors 

If you are going to buy leads, just about the only safe places to buy lists from are reputable solo ad providers.

Buying solo ads is the best way to get around the risks associated with buying lists. When you buy a list form solo ad from a provider, you already know that the people on that list want to hear about the types of offer you are promoting.

They already know the provider and have agreed to receive their emails, so they aren’t going to mark your emails as spam, in all likelihood. They also probably aren’t going to delete your email out of hand.

Benefits of Ad Swaps

Ad swaps are another safe way to accomplish the same objective that you are attempting to achieve with buying lists. With solo ad and ad swaps, you don’t have to worry about the dark downside that comes with buying lists.

Let’s say you have purchased products from an Internet marketer in the past and look forward to receiving emails from that person. That marketer sells a solo ad to another marketer, so you get an email from them that says, “Hey, check out this internet marketer. They have great products and offers and I highly recommend them.”

The email comes with a link to your landing page in the email. Either way, you probably are going to opt-in to that marketer and be open to receiving emails from them. You will most likely pay attention to their offer and, hopefully, act on it and get something of value.

How to Get People to Trust You

Most people will not open your unsolicited emails because there’s too much risk with computer viruses and other malware these days. The last thing anybody wants is for their hard drive to crash.

So instead of buying lists from companies, you don’t know, the better option is to buy solo ads from people you trust and who can put you in touch directly with the types of customers who already are going to be open to buying the types of products you are promoting.

Building genuine loyalty bonds with your customers is vital to your long-term success.


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