When building your own Internet marketing platforms for promoting information products, the data you receive from free sites such as Google is very useful in telling you how popular a particular niche is and whether it is seasonal or evergreen.

You want to make sure you choose those niches that have the most keyword searches all the time and that are consistent from year to year.

Benefits of Choosing Evergreen Niches

Evergreen niches include products that will always be popular (e.g. weight loss and relationship advice). These will be great niches for you to build your information marketing business around.


Free Tools for Affiliate Marketers

When you use info product sites that offer affiliate products for you to promote, you will usually find free tools that allow you to rank the popularity of the info products that they offer.

For instance, Clickbank lets you use advanced search and filters to find exactly the info products that fit your needs. This makes it easy for you to get very specific in your search and weed out info products that aren’t going to be easy for you to promote.

Techniques for Improving Your Searches

Here are some ways you can use Advanced Search tools on Clickbank to improve your results.

First, exclude keywords from the search that don’t make sense for your niche or audience. Second, search for keywords only within a particular category. Third, look for high $/sale info products. This is very important if you’re doing paid affiliate advertising. Fourth, find the newest vendors to promote by setting the Activation Date to a recent date.

By filtering your results, it’s faster and easier to find great infoproducts to promote that will give you the best return on your information marketing efforts.


Always Read Customer Reviews

Before you promote any digital products to your customers, make sure you are certain that the people who already bought them are happy with them. An easy way to do this is to research customer reviews.

Most of the websites that offer affiliate products have utilized customer review software that simplifies the process of deciding how popular a particular product is before you offer it to your own customers.

These types of reviews usually include satisfaction ratings and even written comments in which customers explain exactly what it was about that info product that they liked or disliked.

Ask the Affiliate Product Vendors

It is recommended that you talk to their sellers directly. Ask for a review copy of the info product, or buy the info product yourself if the vendor doesn’t provide review copies.

Buying the info product also can be useful because it lets you test out the vendor’s purchase process and customer support. In addition, it lets you feel comfortable recommending that info product to your audience. Sending visitors to a vendor who doesn’t reply to email or provides a good buying experience can ruin your reputation among your customer base.


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