Most people don’t consider Skype as a social media tool, but it actually is. In fact, Skype has thousands of groups that are formed around a particular topic of interest to the people in that group.

For instance, if you are working in the electronics niche, there is actually dozens of Skype group where internet marketers who work with electronic products can get together to have online interactions regarding their businesses and strategies.

These Skype groups are an excellent way to find out what people in your niche are talking about, discover hot trends, and explore what the future may hold for your niche.


Benefits of Skype Conferencing

Skype conferencing is the best way to keep your ears and eyes open for the best products and the most successful product creators. In addition, you can also use it to find decent products that are not selling well, products that have been on the market for so long that their popularity is waning, or really good products that have been poorly marketed. All of these products offer an opportunity for you.

Use Skype to Partner with Other Marketers

Reach out to the owners of those products and offer to partner with them to promote a “new and improved” version of their product. You can also offer to bundle their product with products you already own to make a more attractive package that can grow the sales of their products. Or you can repackage the text-based products into video or audio courses or something else, using Skype to collaborate to create effective marketing campaigns.

Skype Group Coaching

Another great idea is to offer to repackage other marketer’s less than successful products so that they include Skype Group Coaching.

SGC is one of the best ways to interact with other marketers to learn how to create the best marketing programs and product packages. Many people will buy products just to get the SGC because the opportunity to learn from other successful marketers via Skype makes it worth the money.

Bundling with SGC

When you bundle old or underperforming products with SGC, you have the opportunity to keep a product’s revenue stream going long after its popularity has waned. You can sell additional units and also interact with the other group members to expand your knowledge base.

Skype Groups

Unfortunately, skype Groups are one of the most underrated marketing tools on the internet today. It offers face-to-face contact with people. That’s why you should always create your own Skype groups as well as frequenting the ones that already exist for your niche.

Creating your own group allows you to be the group creator, so you have a certain amount of influence and authority in terms of the topics that are going to be discussed and the tone and direction that the conversation will have.

Benefits of Being a Group Creator

Plus, a group creator, you have access to a whole array of potential customers and business partners. When you create your own Skype group, people who are interested in the topic that you created are coming to you to participate in your discussion.

Packaging Your Skype Group

Once you create your Skype group, you can offer it as Skype Group Coaching to add additional value to your products or services. Or you can partner with other marketers to bundle your Skype group as an SGC add-on for their products.

In conclusion, now you know ways to promote your business on skype. Make sure you implement these as soon as possible!


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