Staying one step ahead is key to beating your competitors. Here are three ways to expand the size of your subscription list and attract loyal, serious, and ready to buy customers that will give you the competitive advantage you need.


Twitter Time

Twitter is the platform on which news is spread the fastest. Whenever something important happens in the world, Twitter erupts with activity. In addition, it also offers one of the best opportunities for going viral. However, you only have 140 characters to work with, so you have no choice but to be direct and to the point.

If you decide to use Twitter as a marketing tool, you will need to build a huge list of people with an interest in your business’ niche. In order to do this, search for tweets about your niche and go to the profiles of people who have recently tweeted in this niche and look at their list of followers.

If they have a lot of followers, follow those people. They will automatically follow you back most of the time. When they do, every time you tweet something, they will receive it and there is the possibility they will retweet it so that their followers will see it as well.

Youtube logo on iPad screen


YouTube is the world’s most popular video-sharing site, so that makes it a great place to build your list.


How-to videos that are part of a series are more popular than those that stand alone, so if you have a 10 minute video providing high-value information to your prospective customers you would get more visitors if you broke it into three 3:33 minute videos.

A fast, easy way to build your list is to record any seminars or webinars you host. Break your webinar video into several files and create an online video series that YouTube users can subscribe to or create your own YouTube channel.

Going Solo

Twitter and YouTube are free ways to build your list. However, there is a paid method you can also take advantage of. This method is called solo ads. It offers one of the most cost-effective ways to get high target customers on your email subscription list quickly.

Solo ads are ads you buy from other Internet marketers that they either place in their newsletters or send out a recommendation to their subscription list.

The benefits of solo ads are that you can find solo ad providers who specialize in the niche you are working in, so when they make a recommendation that their followers sign up to join your list you are getting people who have already bought products similar to yours.

One additional benefit is that solo ads are one of the least expensive paid marketing methods. They cost far less than Facebook Ads or Google Adwords or banner ads and so on, yet they give you some of the most targeted traffic you are going to find.

Monitoring the social media marketing landscape is vital to your success.


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