You don’t necessarily need to spend a lot to make a lot. If you’re just getting started with internet marketing, you may want to test the waters first. There are 6 free marketing strategies that you can use without spending any of your hard-earned cash. These strategies can help you earn your first supplemental income.

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Social Media Marketing

The first free marketing strategy that you should adopt is social media marketing. It’s completely free to set up a Facebook business profile or a Twitter account.

With social media marketing, it’s important to post regularly, so that your followers don’t forget about you. You need to stay relevant, and this will help you attract more followers.

You should create a schedule for sending out posts. For example, you could post on Facebook and send out a Tweet at the same time every Monday through Friday. If you have more time to post, you should try and post two or three times throughout the day.


Content Marketing and Blogging

Creating informative content is one of the oldest marketing strategies. In the past, businesses created informative pamphlets that were handed out to the public. In the present, entrepreneurs have blogs, eBooks, and video tutorials.

Make sure you create content that is relevant to the products or services you want to sell. Write tutorials and guides that will help your customers. Then, you can either edit your guide into a blog post, an eBook, or film a video tutorial. You could even combine all three options.


Email Marketing

If you want to create a serious email marketing campaign, you’ll eventually need to spend money. However, you can get started for free. There are quality email marketing platforms that allow a limited number of free emails each month.

So, you can create micro email marketing campaigns and learn the basics without spending any money.


Video Marketing

This next strategy is similar to content marketing, but with a wider scope. You don’t need to just provide informative content. You can use video marketing for a variety of uses. For example, you could create product demonstrations, customer testimonials, FAQs, or film a short introductory video.

You can then upload your videos to YouTube and share them on your website or as a part of your social media marketing campaign.


Run a Special Promotion

Another free marketing strategy is to offer a special promotion for a limited amount of time. This helps you create a sense of urgency with your marketing material. Consumers are more likely to make a purchase when they feel they’re getting a special value.

You don’t need to spend anything to run a promotion. You can simply charge less for your products or services during a specific period of time.


Join Online Groups and Communities

Joining online groups and communities offers an indirect way to market your website for free. This is a simple way for entrepreneurs to reach out and network. You can help spread awareness about your site, and you may receive beneficial contacts in the process.

Look for groups and communities that are relevant to your products or services. Search Facebook groups as well. Become active in these communities and use your business profile to leave comments and take part in discussions. However, make sure you review the requirements of every Facebook group you join. Some groups may not allow you to promote your website or product. If you do not review their requirements, you might get kicked out of the group!

Make sure you combine these marketing strategies in order to get started with internet marketing. You don’t need to immediately make a large investment. You can start small and learn more about marketing before you dive in.



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